Q: When are tax bills mailed?
  A: County/Township tax bills are mailed in early February and School tax bills are mailed in early July.  
  If your taxes are paid by your mortgage company, bank or credit union, it is your responsibility to fax or mail                                                                                                                                                                   your entire bill to them as soon as you receive it. It is advisable to make a copy for your records.                   

   Q:  How can I get a receipt for payment of my taxes?
  A: If you enclose the entire tax bill and a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment, 
 a receipt will be returned to you.  If you do not enclose a return envelope with the proper postage 
   and/or if the "Taxpayer" Copy of the bill is not included, a receipt will not be mailed to you.  
 I have many accordion files full of receipts with no envelopes and envelopes (with no stamp), etc.  
 If you contact me I will be happy to look for your paperwork or stamp the "TaxPayer Copy"  of your bill(s) as paid.         

   Q: When are taxes due?             
  A: Township/County taxes are due on or before May 31st but if they are paid by March 31st there is a 2% discount allowed.                                                                                                                                                                         Taxes paid after May 31st will have a 10% penalty applied. 
          School taxes are due on or before October 31st but if they are paid by August 31st there is a 2% discount allowed. 
         Taxes paid after October 31st will have a 10% penalty applied. 
   Taxes not paid on or before Dec 31st will be forwarded to the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau for collection.

Q: Is the due date the same if it is on a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday?
A: If a due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will be extended to the next business day.
 Q: How can I pay my taxes now that you do not have regular office hours?
   A:  The preferred method is to send payment by mail to PO Box 230, Oreland, PA 19075.
You can also make payments with a credit card and or an Echeck online through Municipay. There is a convenience fee of 2.65% if you use a credit card and a flat $1.50 fee for using an Echeck.
Click on the link below to use this service.
​There is a mailbox outside of the "Tax Collector" office in the Springfield Township Administration Building, 1500 Paper Mill Road in Wyndmoor. You may place your payment in the mailbox anytime the building is open to the public.
Currently, WSFS (formerly Beneficial) Bank, 1311 Bethlehem Pike in Flourtown is NOT taking payments in person, due to Covid-19.
Please note: The bank cannot answer questions about tax bills or give receipts for anything other than the payment made that day.  When/If they resume taking payments, they are simply a drop off location for payments (similar to a lockbox). Please do not ask them questions about your tax bill, argue with them about how much you owe or complain to them about the amount of your bill or about how bills are prepared.  They provide a valuable service accepting your payment, giving you a receipt and immediately depositing the funds in the Treasurer's bank account.  They have no other responsibility.  Thank you for your cooperation.
For at least the first half of 2021, there are no in person tax collection hours.
When payments can be made again at the Springfield Township Library "Collection Hours", the dates and times will be listed on the tax bill or Calendar page of this website.
Please do not call the Library at any time or leave payments or other correspondence with the Library staff.  If you cannot come to the Library during "Collection Hours" you can email me if you have a question (see Contact Us page) and/or leave me a phone message (215-233-4040). If you have a private matter to discuss we can arrange an appointment at a mutually convenient time.    Please do not call or come to my home.

 Q: I sold my house and my name is still on the tax bill.  Why?
A: The information to prepare the tax bills is received from the Montgomery County records 4-5 weeks before your tax bill is mailed.  Therefore, whatever the records reflect as of mid-December or mid-May will be the information used to prepare the bills.  For example, if you sell/buy a house in mid-May or mid-December, the new deed may not be recorded until after the information is pulled for the upcoming bills.  That means the bill will show the name(s) of the former owner. However, the bill goes with the HOUSE. It does not matter what name is on the bill. Feel free to cross out the old name and/or update a mailing address or send me a separate note when you pay the bill.

Q: Do you accept payments postmarked on the due date?
A: Yes, however if a payment is received after the due date and the postmark is illegible or is after the due date it will be considered a  late payment and you will owe an additional amount.  Postage meters do NOT apply         because that only proves when postage was affixed, not when it was mailed. This office is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.  To be sure your payment is made on time, please allow ample time for delivery         by mail.  This does NOT apply to payments made at the end of the year.  December 31st is not a "due date".  December 31st is the LAST possible day to pay all tax bills for the current year.  There are reports that         must be filed with the County in the first week of each new year and therefore  NO PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER DECEMBER 31st, even if it is postmarked on December 31st.  All payments received         after December 31st will be returned and those taxes will be considered unpaid.

Q. What do I do with bills when I have an escrow account through a mortgage company, bank or credit union? 
A. If you have an escrow account with a bank, mortgage company or Credit Union, you should forward the bill (both copies) to them for payment. Bills will only be mailed to the property owner and are not mailed directly 
    to a bank, mortgage company or credit union.   Please remember to keep a copy of the tax bill for your records. However, some banks, mortgage companies and credit unions check with me directly. You should read your     mortgage statement or contact your financial institution to see if they want a copy of your bill - or not.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes.  However, the taxpayer must pay a convenience fee of 2.65% of the amount charged. Payments can be made online, over the phone, thorough email or regular mail, or in person when I am at the Library. Beneficial Bank cannot process credit card payment. However, they will take cash and Bonny will not take cash (it is a safety issue). 

Q: Do you accept cash?
A: No, It is my policy NOT to accept cash for payment of taxes.  
You can take your cash to the WSFS Bank in Flourtown (see News page for map and directions to the Bank) or they will be happy to provide you with a Bank Check at NO charge if you tell them that it is for payment of taxes.

Q: Where can I pay my bill in person?
A: For most of 2020 and at least the first half of 2021, there are NO in person tax collection hours, due to Covid-19. When/If this changes soon, there will be notifications on this website and the hours will also be printed on the tax bills.

Q: Can you change the address on my bill?
A: Yes, but the change must be submitted at least 1 month before the next billing period in order for it to be updated in the County's records.  As of June 2010 the Board of Assessment Appeals requires that all requests           MUST be in writing.  Requests must not only include the parcel number, property address, property owner's name(s), old mailing address and new mailing address but also MUST include a phone number, reason for the       change and notification if the domicile has changed. Or if you provide me with the above information, I will be happy to take care of it for you.

Q: Can you change or delete a name on my bill?
A: No, names cannot be changed - unless it is truly a misspelled name.  The name on your bill comes from the County records which match the deed to your property, therefore a name on your bill cannot be removed or       changed unless a new deed is recorded.  The name of a deceased person can be removed - but only from the bill not the deed - if you provide me with a copy of the death certificate for that person.  However this only            changes the name on the tax bill and not on the deed.  If you have a decree showing a name change (i.e. taking back a maiden name after a divorce) I can use that to change the name on the bill, but again, that does not change the Deed or the County records.

Q: What is the fee for a tax certification?
A: The fee is $35.  Tax Certifications are required for the refinancing and resale of a property. They are usually requested by the agency handling the transaction such as a title company or mortgage company.  Please mail   a check payable to "Bonny Davis" with your request.  A tax cert will not be delivered without payment.  Faxed requests should include a copy of the check and requested information. Mailed requests must include a postage paid envelope if hard copy is required. Many requests for Tax Certifications are made with the expectation that the tax cert will be processed and returned within a day or two.  I do try my best to do so but that is not always possible.   If you need it done within 24 business hours the expedited fee is $50.  Please remember that the position of Treasurer is not a full-time position and issuing a tax certification is a service provided by the Treasurer but is not the main responsibility of the job - collecting the taxes is.  Depending on when your request is received by our office, you should allow at least a week for processing (and at least 10 business days during the busiest tax payment deadlines and holiday    weeks.)  I will return your requests to you as quickly as possible but cannot promise an immediate turnaround.  I work on tax certifications in order of closing date and/or the date the request was received.  If you did not indicate a date for your settlement or refinance, please provide me with the closing date so that I can process your request in a timely manner.  Please be sure to leave the property address and/or parcel number plus your fax and phone numbers in your message.  Please remember to include a self-addressed stamped envelope for documents you need returned by mail. If you need expedited service - please contact me.  Thank you.

Q. How is assessment of my home determined? 
A. The Township does not assess homes, this is done at the County level. Questions on this matter should be directed to the Montgomery County Board of Assessment Office at 610-278-3761. Good Morning America              had some very informative information and you can find a link to that article on the "News" page of this website.

Q. What is an Interim Tax Bill? 
A. Interim tax bills cover the period that a change in assessed value of a property was effective. This affects properties that had increase in property value due to an addition, pool, garage, fireplace, sunroom, central air, deck, kitchen or other renovation or alteration. It also affects properties that had a decrease in property value due to an assessment appeal, exemption, fire or water damage, subdivision, etc.  For example; the assessment for a property might change in January but the tax bill mailed in February still has the old assessment.  Therefore, an interim tax bill will be sent once the Board of Assessment forwards the change in information to the Treasurer. An interim bill will be calculated and sent to property owner to cover the time period that was billed under the incorrect assessment. This bill may not be received by owner for several months after this assessment is done.  You can send this bill to your mortgage company but since most Interim tax bills are relatively small, most taxpayers pay them and notify their mortgage company that their taxes have increased.

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