Important Information From The Tax Collector 
Re: tax bill information and payment

The Springfield Township Real Estate Tax bills are mailed in early February.  School Tax bills are mailed in early July.  The bills are mailed directly to the homeowner. Bills are NOT mailed directly to the mortgage company or bank.  If you do not have your bill by February 24th/July 24th please contact me. If your property has recently been transferred/sold/purchased, the tax bill will have the old owner's information as this transaction took place after the county forwarded the information to the Township. 

There are 2 real estate tax bills issued annually. One is for the School District and the other is for the County and Township taxes as well as Refuse fees.  The County and Township bill is for the calendar year from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Bills are mailed in early February. The School District fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. Bills are mailed in early July. 

Each entity of local government (County, Township and School) sets its own tax rate (the Tax Collector has no input on how much the millage will be).  County/Township taxes are due on or before May 31st.  A 2% discount is offered for payment made on or before March 31st. A 10% penalty is levied after May 31st.  School taxes are due on or before October 31st.  A 2% discount is offered for payment made on or before August 31st. A 10% penalty is levied after October 31st.  These dates may change if they fall on a Sunday or on a holiday.  The next business day will be the due date.  Please check your bill to verify the due date each year.

The Real estate taxes are based on an assessed value determined by the Montgomery County Board of Assessments. Appeals for reassessment must be made directly to the Montgomery County Board of Assessments.  Once your dwelling has been re-assessed, you will receive an Interim Tax bill for the time period that the assessment was changed for that year.  For more information, please click on the link to the right.  There is also a very informative article on the "News" page of this website. The Tax Collector has no input on the Assessment. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only payments for the exact amount of the tax bill will be accepted.  If your check is not written for the correct amount, has an incorrect date, is not signed, or is illegible - it will be returned to you and you will be asked to issue a new check or write an additional check (or money order) for the difference.  The date of payment will be the date that the correct payment is received.  If that payment is received in the office after a tax deadline, you will be required to pay the additional amount due (i.e. 2% discount or 10% penalty).  For that and other reasons, please make sure to mail your check allowing ample time for processing and the possible return of your payment.  

Bills are mailed to the taxpayer and if the taxes are escrowed and paid by a mortgage company or bank it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to immediately forward the bill to the mortgage company or bank.  Please check your mortgage statement to verify if your taxes have been paid.  Please DO NOT call the office to check to see if the bank or mortgage company has paid the taxes until at least a week after the discount period.  Most mortgage companies withdrawal the funds from your account when they get the bill but do not send me the payment until the week before the discount deadline.  It takes time for the mortgage company to process the payments and it also takes time for me to process all of the payments that come in during that last week not only from banks and mortgage companies but from thousands of individuals as well.  I cannot take the time to check to see if each individual's taxes are paid during our most demanding phase. Keep in mind that it is the responsibility of your mortgage company to pay the bill and if there are any additional amounts due THEY will pay it.  Thank you for your patience, understanding and cooperation.

Payments can be made via check or money order.  Credit cards are accepted but there will be a convenience fee of 2.65% of  whatever your payment is added to the total amount of the tax bill.  For the balance of 2020, Payments can NOT be made at WSFS (formerly Beneficial) Bank in Flourtown. For safety reasons, I do not accept payments in cash. Please take cash to WSFS Bank. They will give you a FREE bank check if you tell them it is for the payment of real estate taxes.  
Payments should be mailed to PO Box 230, Oreland, PA 19075. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL PAYMENTS TO THE TOWNSHIP BUILDING. . or drop them off at the School District or at the Springfield Library, that is not their responsibility and only causes a delay in receiving the payment. However, you can drop payments in the mailbox in front of the Tax Collector's office in the Township Building, anytime the building is open.
You can now make payments with a credit card and/or Visa checkcard online through Municipay.  
There is a convenience fee of 2.65% if you use a credit card.  
You can also pay online using your checking account (E-check).
There is a flat fee of $1.50 for this convenience.    Click here to use this service. 

I am available to collect tax payments and meet briefly with taxpayers to answer questions at the Free Library of Springfield Township, 8900 Hawthorne Lane in Wyndmoor (see FAQs page for map and directions).  Please read your bill or go to the calendar page of this website or call and listen to the phone message for more detailed information about Library hours.   

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please contact the office. The best way to contact me is by email.

Bonny S. Davis, Springfield Township Treasurer
PO Box 230, Oreland, PA 19075
Phone: 215-233-4040    Fax: 215-525-4305
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