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Due to Covid-19, on March 26,2020 the Springfield Township Commissioners voted to extend the 2% Discount due date for the 2020 County/Township property tax bills 
from March 31, 2020 until May 31, 2020

"At the May 13, 2020 meeting of the Board of Commissioners, the Board adopted Resolution No. 1493, a resolution confirming the previous extension of time for the payment and filing of certain local taxes previously granted, and further waving any fee or penalty otherwise associated with the payment of real estate property taxes or service fees if paid in full by July 31, 2020.”

The Free Library of Springfield Township and the Township Building are currently CLOSED to the public. 
For safety and health reasons, WSFS Bank (formerly Beneficial Bank) is no longer collecting tax payments. 

If you pay your bill by mail, PLEASE, if you or anyone in your household feels sick, DO NOT send me mail. Even if you feel well, Please DO NOT lick the envelope. Due to possible germs, I am waiting a day or two to open and process the mail, using gloves and covering myself with a towel. In order to get the 2% discount, the envelope MUST have a legible US Postmark on or before July 31st.

To avoid spreading germs, the best way for you to pay is on-line using a credit card or an Echeck, using Municipay. The link is below. Please note that there is a $1.50 flat fee for Echecks and a 2.65% convenience charge for credit cards. I get an email immediately and payments at discount will be accepted until midnight on July 31st. 

You can also use "Bill Pay" through your bank. However, you MUST allow time for the bank to mail me a check. Therefore, you should set up payment NOW, and make the payment date for July 25th or before. DO NOT make the payment date for July 31st. I will not get it in time.

If you use either method above, you do not need to send the bill to me, unless you need a receipt, which can be done at a later time. So, if you need the amount to pay, please email me.

Due to these unusual times, I am slammed with phone calls and emails. Email is the best way to contact me and is my preferred method of communication SpringfieldTownshipTreasurer@gmail.com. 

Given the current climate please be patient with responses. I am doing the best I can under these circumstances. Please stay safe and healthy.

The letter that came with the School tax bill states: 
Due to Covid-19, there will be NO in person tax collection hours 
for the remainder of 2020

The automatic response to emails sent also states:
The Free Library of Springfield Township and the Township Building are closed to the public. 
WSFS Bank is NOT collecting tax payments. 

Stay Safe. Stay Well. Stay Home,

This sign below is posted at WSFS Bank.