to the website of the FORMER Springfield Township Treasurer and Tax Collector, Bonny Davis.    
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There is NO payment information on the website.  
  If you need to know how the amount of a bill and/or if it has been paid (or not), 
                                       please contact Bonny directly by sending an email to 
or by sending a request in the mail, along with the appropriate fee (see below).
Amounts will only be given in writing - never over the phone.

I am no longer the Tax Collector for Springfield Township, Montgomery County, PA.
                                                                  However, I can still provide tax certs, duplicate receipts, duplicate bills, and other information for taxes prior to 2022 - for a fee. 

Please see below for the current fee schedule.
Tax Certification for 3 years (2019-2021) - $40. 
RUSH tax cert - $60.
Duplicate Receipt - $10 each - this includes providing 2021 payment information for income tax purposes.
Duplicate Bill - $10 each.
Letter to use for the PA Property Tax Rebate - $10.
If you need a hard copy mailed to you please include a Self-Addressed stamped envelope (SASE), otherwise it will be emailed or faxed to you.

The newly elected Tax Collector, Joelle Kleinman, will provide you with tax information for 2022. 
 Her contact information is: PO Box 27622, Philadelphia PA 19118  
215-233-1084 Office 215-935-4523 Fax

Please contact Bonny Davis regarding tax information from 2009-2021.
PO Box 230 Oreland, PA 19075-0230 or 506 West Heather Road, Oreland PA 19075
215-233-4040 (all phone calls are screened) 215-525-4305 (fax).

Thank you to everyone for your support, understanding, cooperation, and the kindness you have shown me over the past 13 years! 
I have loved doing this job but I need to spend more time with family now. 
I am not quite fully retired yet. I have been closing out my books, and sending receipts and refunds, as well as collecting interim bills that were carried over from 2021**. 
I will also be preparing tax certifications and doing other paperwork for a while in 2022. 
Thank you for your patience throughout the transition and for making Joelle feel welcome in her new job.

            **Collecting Taxes After Term Expires: Tax collectors are the only elected officials to retain responsibilities of office after their terms officially expire. 
Tax collectors remain responsible for any duplicates* currently in their possession at the time their terms expire. 
The duplicate remains in force and the tax collector’s authority and obligation extended to collect taxes on the duplicates in their possession beyond their elective term. 
*The tax duplicate is the basic tool of the tax collector. It is the official list of all properties and persons taxable for the current year, indicating the amount of tax due on each.

For now, as the former Tax Collector, I am working with the new Tax Collector to prepare Tax Certifications for the portion of the taxes that I collected. 
I will provide the information regarding payment of County, Township & School taxes as well as refuse fees for the years 2019-2021. 
Joelle will provide the 2022 tax information. The fee for each Tax Certification is $40. If you need a RUSH tax cert the fee is $60 each.

I am also still responsible for collecting payments for Interim bills that were carried over from 2021. Those payments should be mailed to PO Box 230, Oreland PA 19075. 
Mortgage companies usually do NOT pay interim bills. Please do not assume they will pay interim bills.

If you are inquiring about delinquent taxes, please call 610-278-1216. Fax 610-994-2881 or Email 
Any 2021 tax bills that were not paid in full by Dec 31, 2021, have been turned over to the MontCo Tax Claim Bureau for collection. 
Another 5% penalty was added to the bill, plus fees & interest.

If you want to know if your payment was received, please check your bank statement or contact your bank. 
If the check has cleared, that means I received your payment. 
Taxes are not officially paid unless I RECEIVED payment IN FULL & the check cleared! 

Mail does not arrive in 1 day anymore, even if mailed locally. It takes a minimum of 2 days for mail to reach me. 
If your check has not cleared, it either means I didn't receive it or it had a problem.

The majority of the 2021 receipts have been processed. If you did not receive a receipt and you expected one, 
and you included a self-addressed stamped envelope along with your payment and the entire bill, please let me know. 
Receipts are not provided if your taxes were paid by your bank, mortgage company, or credit union. They should have provided you with IRS Form 1098.

If you are inquiring about a receipt for 2021 taxes paid so that you can apply for the Property Tax Rebate, I can prepare a letter showing what taxes were paid for the entire year, 
Send me $10 & a SASE. The PA Dept of Revenue will accept the letter (see this in the instructions for the tax form). The deadline of June 30th is usually extended to Dec 31st.

Please note the following regarding tax bills & receipts:
1. There is only one original of each bill. I do not keep copies of every bill I send. If a duplicate copy of the bill is needed, send a Self-Addressed stamped envelope (SASE) and $10 duplicate bill fee.
2. If a duplicate receipt is needed, please mail me a SASE & $10. Please indicate why the receipt is needed. The reason makes a difference in what is provided.
3.If a property was purchased, sold, or refinanced , the tax payment information is on the settlement sheet.
4. I will never give amounts due or paid over the phone - I will only do so in writing. 
5. NO receipt will be mailed unless the ENTIRE bill is returned along with a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.
6. If the taxes are paid by a mortgage company or bank, they are required by law to send a Form 1098 by Jan 31st showing taxes paid. If you did not receive one, please contact them. Most are found online.
7. You do not need a receipt for the IRS (unless you are being audited). A canceled check or bank statement is adequate for the preparation of your income tax return.
8. If you still have the Taxpayer portion of your bill and need me to mark it paid for you, you can mail it to me with a SASE and I will mark your portion of the tax bill as paid.

I DO NOT collect nor have I ever collected the following:
EARNED INCOME TAX. Please contact Berkheimer. Make sure to specify "Earned Income" tax.
Business Privilege Tax or the Mercantile tax. Please contact Tri-State Financial Group. Make sure to specify "Business" taxes.

Thank you,


    Please note that Sewer Rental fees are no longer included on Springfield Township’s real estate tax bills. 
    In December 2015, the Springfield Township Board of Commissioners voted to pass an ordinance 
    approving the sale of the township’s sanitary sewer system to the 
    Bucks County Water & Sewer Authority (BCWSA).  
    Please call 215-343-2538 for more information.

    I cannot answer any questions about sewer rental fees after January 1, 2016.
    Tax Certifications will continue to include information about Sewer Rental Fees billed through 2015.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - The office at 1409 Bethlehem Pike in Flourtown was closed in 2010 .   
See "Important Changes" page of this website for more information.

Please do NOT come to or call my home.
They are not in charge of, do not manage, direct, control, oversee or supervise the Treasurer.
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AS OF MAY 23, 2012: The Montgomery County Commissioners adopted a resolution changing the
annual  assessment appeal deadline in Montgomery County to August 1st, effective immediately.  
The prior deadline was September 1st.
The BEST way to contact me is by E-mail at 

 I do not EVER give out tax amounts or payment information over the phone. I will only do so in writing. Thank you.